Our Life and Living Websites

The Chef Scrolls

The Chef Scrolls is dedicated to the idea that great food can be easy and enjoyable to make. There are no secret scrolls or tomes that hold the secret—you can make amazing meals that rival great restaurants yourself.



Soma is Ancient Greek for "body." LifeSoma is dedicated to your life and body, the strategies we need to take for physical and emotional health. Diets, exercise, meditation, it's all targeted for debate  at LifeSoma. 


Jabberwock Winery

Jabberwock Winery was founded to showcase our compelling and award-winning wines made with home tools and techniques. We share our craft for any enthusiast who'd like to craft wines that resonate with friends and family.



To be human is to create and enjoy stories. We live with powerful stories all around us. Our lives are stories, and they're  influenced by the engaging and moving tales we experience. Splitfocus discusses story in all types of media—film, TV, live theater, music, and the printed word.



Technology has grown to permeate all facets of our lives. It's used for life and living, but also with tools we use to learn, collaborate, and express ourselves. eTechnologist discusses technology's tools and issues, and the promise and pitfalls of its existence in our lives.